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What Is HELOC And How to Get A Home Equity Loan?

What Is HELOC?

A HELOC is a very good way to borrow money against your home’s equity value. It stands for Home Equity Line of Credit which is a very common practice to get money for your needs. People generally use it for the purpose of taking a loan to payoff due credit card bills and old high-interest loans. If you have a house which values more than your debt amount, then you can borrow money from the bank by mortgaging your home. It also works as a collateral for the Asset-Backed Security. Now let’s talk about how does a HELOC work to know more about this topic.

HOW Does A HELOC Work?

A HELOC is a very easy and suitable way to borrow money when you need the most. After the implementation of Tax Reform Act Of 1986 which made it tax deductible it has grown very popular among the homeowners. The most interesting part of a HELOC is that you don’t have to spend all of your credit line at once you can use it as you want. It is like a credit card which you can use as you need. And just like credit cards you just have to repay the amount you have used within a certain period of time with interest.

The other thing which makes a HELOC so popular is its take out and repayment system. For example, when you draw money for your need you don’t have to pay it back after a few months there is a certain period of time for that. You get a 10 to 20 years of repayment period for your loan. Home equity is a very important matter for us and that’s why it’s so important to know about what is HELOC. Now let’s discuss its pros and cons to know more.

Pros & Cons Of HALOC

It is clear from the above discussion that a HELOC gives you the opportunity to draw money for your need, but there is a problem in it too. When you are borrowing against your home equity you are actually making a mortgage loan that you have to pay, or you will lose your house. Now if the value of your property decreases over time you will have to pay more money then the price of your property.

Now, what if you lose your work because frankly speaking there is nothing like job security in this economy people get fired every day. So, if you lose your work you will not be capable of making payments for your mortgage and ultimately you will lose your home.

Now that we have completed the discussion about what is HELOC it is time know how to get a home equity loan.

How to Get A Home Equity Loan?

If you want to get a home equity loan, then first you have to apply for one and you can do that through the internet. But be sure to compare the cost and interest rates. The lenders will check your credit limit and home equity value along with other details like DTI and all. You will need at least 15 percent equity in your property to qualify for a loan. Now if you qualify for all these then the lender will provide you with a home equity line of credit.


So, in above we have discussed what is HELOC and how to get a home equity loan which completes the discussion about this topic. But you must be very mindful when taking a home equity loan.

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