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What Is Home Warranty?

In today’s economy the home warranty has become a very important part of our life. It provides a extra layer of security to our home. A home warranty is a type of covenant that is made by a home owner which provides the charge of conserving home systems or home equipment’s. A Home Warranty provides coverage for a specific period.

There are usually exceptions to the warranties that limit the conditions that a manufacturer is responsible for solving a problem. For example, for households’ goods warranties are available only for one year from the date of purchase, and usually only if the product contains problems caused by defective parts or artisans.

When a person buys a house, he cannot be under the supervision of the owner himself. During the purchase, they may not be given information about their age of life or the age of the life of the family. Also, it may be time spent for the home owner to search for an efficient hand man or service provider. Limited time, combined with high costs associated with damages or payments for multiple items of home, the home buyers are generally the two main reasons that are encouraged to purchase a home warranty.

Home insurance vs Home warranty:

Home insurance is usually required by your mortgage lender and protects against the risk of your home infrastructure, such as serious weather and theft loss, the second loss generated by some system and enforcement failure, as well as any other responsibility to protect you from accidental injury to your property is done accidentally.

Home Warranty protects many systems that depend on the home system and your everyday. When these systems and equipment inevitably fail due to normal wear and tear, a home warranty will be provided for their repair or replacement.

What Home warranty covers?

Items available for home warranty coverage may include kitchen appliances, washing machines and dryer, and main components of central air conditioning systems, central heating system, plumbing systems and electrical systems. A lot of these items are covered on the basis of home warranty plans. Although it is possible to purchase additional coverage for home features available under a basic coverage, it is probably some warranty company does not cover certain material in a home.

For example, some home warranty companies may cover an extra cost policy, covering their outdoor list, other companies may list their offerings May not contain a pool warranty.

Home warranty can be purchased by home builders, home vendors or real estate agents or homeowners. Some home builders offer warranty policies for newly built homes, which usually cover ten years of structural flaws in furnishing, walls, roof etc.; Two years of electrical and plumbing systems; And the cost of this type of six-month home appliances policy is usually included in the prices of new homes.

The seller or agent can encourage a buyer to purchase a home for those who are not newly built. This warranty usually covers a year of maintenance of the family system and equipment. After one year, there is an option to renew the contract with the home owner’s home warranty company.


When a home warranty can have a temporary adjustment to home insurance according to premiums, deductibles, claims, and liability terms, both offer different services. Home warranties maintain the effectiveness of home systems and home insurance itself is damaged due to fire or natural disaster.

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