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What Is Investment? A Complete Introduction

Introduction :

Nowadays only saving money is not enough to secure your future you also must know how to utilize that money. But the question is how do we do that? Any bad decision can change your entire life and you will end up empty-handed. Investment is a very tricky thing and you should not be taking it lightly. In this article we will learn about What is investment? How does it work? and the Objectives of investment. So, let’s start.

What Is Investment?

We all work hard in our life to cover our needs, but we often forget the basic thing which is securing our future. An investment basically takes care of that problem. there are various terms available to define investment but basically, it means buying something today which you can sell letter with a higher price. It’s true that making an investment is not that easy, it takes good knowledge for that. So, it is actually very essential to have complete knowledge about this topic. Now I will discuss the about types of investments which will help you get a more clear idea about what is investment?

Types of Investments

From the above discussion, it is clear that how important it is for us to have complete knowledge about investment. And there are various types of investment methods available in the market. Now I will discuss them one by one which will help you to understand the objectives of investment, and in the end, you will also be able to identify the perfect investment appraisal for yourself.


Stocks are a very suitable option to make an investment, and according to a report of Financial Samurai more than 50% of American households have invested in stocks. The reason behind this popularity is that no other investment methods have been more successful than stocks, plus anyone can make an investment through a stock exchange. However, many people also have lost a lot of money by investing in it too, according to a report of Yahoo finance, in the 2008 rescission, the Americans lost more than 12 Trillion dollars in the Stock Market. So, you must be very careful when investing in stocks. But for many people, the stock market is still a very good investment appraisal.

Investing in Funds

Investing in funds have become a very useful method to earn a good amount of money these days. Funds are very good and secure option for those people who prefer to play safe and earn big. These funds are managed by many reputed organizations and people who collect the money from the investors and invest their money in a very specific manner. And after a specific period, the investors get their money back with profit. There are various types of mutual funds available in the market like Exchange traded funds, Mutual funds, and Closed-end funds. So, these funds can be a very useful option for you to define investment.


For many people insurance is the one and only investment definition and they won’t invest their hard-earned money anywhere else. And it’s also true that one can’t understand what is investment? without understanding the insurance sector. people actually feel safer when they buy an insurance policy because it doesn’t depend on the market volatility. There are various types of insurance policies available in the market including Term life, Universal life, and whole life insurance policies.


Well, how can we complete the discussion without mentioning Bonds. There is no way we can define investment without mentioning Bonds. This is a very favorite investment appraisal for so many people around the world. And if you really want to know what is investment? then you have to understand it well. Bonds were particularly created to raise money, in where the bond issuer has to pay a particular amount of money to the investor in the future. There are four types of Bonds available in the market Corporate Bond, Treasury Bond, Agency Bond, and Municipal Bond.

Bank Products

The Commercial Banks can be a very useful way to utilize your savings, there are various types of banking products which can help you to invest your money in a proper way. And the most important thing about the banking is that they are covered by the federal system or the FDIC https://www.fdic.gov/. So, the banking products are still a very important investment appraisal for the American people.

There are many more types of investment options out in the market, but these are the main pillars of this system. Now we will talk about the objectives of investment to understand it further.

Objectives of Investment

Now that we have an understanding about what is investment? it’s time to focus on something more deeper, and that is the objectives of investment. At first, you have to understand that not a single investment product comes without the risks, so you have to calculate the risk factor first. Secondly, you have to calculate how much investment you can actually handle without affecting your present. And thirdly and most importantly you must know when to withdraw your money, and if you are new to this use the rule of 72. These should be your main objectives of investment. It is actually very easy to understand what is investment, but what’s difficult is to selecting a proper investment appraisal and time. So, your objectives of investment should be cleared before you make an investment.


So, in this article, we have briefly talked about what is investment? and how does it work? But in my opinion, you should make your own investment definition which will define investment your way, and you can only do that by analyzing this field more deeply.

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