what is investment banking

What Is Investment Banking? Definition and Analysis

What is Investment Banking?

The investment Banking is a very important sector of our financial system our financial system Won’t work properly without its services. The investment banking system is working as a ladder for financial institutions to raise money for their need. And in this article, we will learn about how it is important in our financial system and how we get benefited from its services. So, let’s start our discussion with the “Investment Banking Definition”.

Investment Banking Definition

The investment banking segment does many things for our financial system, but it mainly provides financial assistance to companies and individuals. The investment bankers play a very important role in taking the companies to the public by an IPO or Initial Public Offering. Nobody can exactly tell the actual works they perform just because they don’t have certain boundaries for that. Now we will talk about the role of investment bankers in our financial system which will clear all your doubts.

Role of Investment Bankers

The investment Banking is considered one of most respectable professions on Wall Street. One can’t understand what is investment banking without understanding the role of investment bankers. This indeed is a very prestigious job in the financial sector, but we just can’t neglect the stress involved in this profession. It’s a very challenging and stressful job where the bankers have to work for long hours. There is no actual work timing for this profession which makes it very difficult for many people. But the salary in this profession is enough to cover this stress and long working hours. A successful investment banker could easily earn more than 300k annually which is a pretty good deal. Now let’s look at the works they perform during their working tenure.

Initial Public Offering

Investment banking system plays a very crucial role in taking companies to the public more commonly known as the Underwriting. The investment bankers help the corporations to raise money by selling the company shares to the investors. They actually work as a middleman between the corporations and the investors. During the IPO the bankers also have to take care of the legal issues regarding this.

Merger and Acquisitions

One of the most important roles of investment bankers is to make merger and acquisitions. The bankers help the companies and institutions to find suitable businesses for acquisition. The bankers have a very extensive network in the financial sector and they use this network to find these businesses. They can either work from the buyer’s side or from the seller’s side of the deal. Their main objective is to find the best investment option for their employer.

Advising Clients

Advising its clients is another import role of Investment Bankers. The Bankers advice their clients about the best investment options and many other things. Their clients include Governments, Corporations, and Institutions.

Aside from these the investment bankers perform many other works in their service period and one has to know every detail of their work if you want to know about what is investment banking. But this discussion is enough to get a basic idea about the role of investment bankers.


In this article, we have discussed what is investment? with a complete investment banking definition. And we have also discussed that how it helps the institutions to find the best investment options which are enough to give you the basic idea about this topic. But the world of investment banking is very huge and can’t be fathomed entirely in a single discussion.

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