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What Is IPO? Complete IPO Meaning and Definition

What is IPO?

An IPO is a process by which a private limited company offers a certain portion of its share to the public. The companies use this method to raise money for its future growth. An initial public offering helps a company to balance the risks involved in the company with the public, plus it helps both parties in different ways. For example, from it, the companies raise enough money for its expansion and the public who buy the issued shares get benefitted with its growth.

Complete IPO Meaning

So, by an IPO a private company becomes a publicly listed company after which its shares can be bought and sold through a stock exchange. This whole process is generally managed by the investment bankers. The investment bankers do the all necessary works regarding an IPO and then offer the shares to the potential buyers. Here I must say that the stock exchanges are not the primary market for the stock trading it is actually a secondary market. The IPO happens in the primary market where the individuals and big institutions buy shares with the help of investment bankers. In the US this whole IPO process is supervised by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What Is IPO Investment?

An IPO can be a very useful and best way to invest your hard-earned money. A company performs an IPO to raise capital for its growth which means the company will surely grow in the future. The investors generally grasp this kind of opportunity which gives them a handsome amount of return in the future. But, investing in an IPO also means that you will have to wait very patiently for your money to grow. It takes time for the companies to fully utilize the raised capital. So, the growth process takes a little longer than the other investments. But it’s very useful for those people who don’t have much knowledge in the stock market. And they can make some easy money by investing in it.


So, in above we have briefly discussed the whole IPO process along with what is IPO investment which is enough to obtain a complete IPO meaning.

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